What would it be like to know you have access to happiness all of the time?

How would it change your life to be able to pull yourself back up when you start to feel down?

My name is Jane Schreiner, and those are the questions I use to ask myself—and now I know the answers. 


It feels incredible to be able to access happiness —and to have happiness skills to reset my energy when I start to get flat or feel blue. And life being life—those skills come in handy every day! 


That's why I call it happiness skills and practices—because practice makes perfect! 


I love practicing happiness— and having the peace that comes from being able to control this in my life.

How about you?

Do you tend to struggle some days? Not sure which way to turn or how to feel better? 


Are there times you feel overwhelmed with which thing to do next? 


Do you struggle with trying to please others—and you feel in your body that it's not serving you, but you keep doing it anyway?

The Say Yes to Happiness Online Course is designed to help you with all of this, and much more. 

I put this series of skills and practices together through years of searching for answers to chronic unhappiness—and now I live by them to support my best life each day.


I had to share what I've learned because happiness grows when we spread it around! So I wrote the Say Yes to Happiness Handbook and Online Course so you too can learn and live happiness practices each day! It's the best—you'll see!


The book and course are priced together—as they're a matched happiness training set uniquely designed to make happiness skills easy for you to learn and practice.


And I've kept it affordable at just $79 for both the Handbook and the Online Course! The Handbook alone is $39.95.


You will receive the spiral handbook in the mail—the downloadable ebook (only available with the course)—and the link to take the course online— to use at your own pace. You'll want to have to book to read and write in as you go through the course.


With about five hours of video—in 20 + short segments—this is an easy to use, go at your own speed program that will change your life, and level up your happiness! 


It's all here to help you find ease in what has been difficult in your life—and joy in the things that have felt like a struggle.

Order Your Handbook Here!

Click above to receive—your hard copy Handbook to write in—and your online course access.

I'm looking forward to working together!