Excerpts from MIND section of the Say Yes To Happiness Handbook

Positive words create the foundation for Happiness Skills.

Each thought you have creates an emotional response.  Your thoughts are made up of words, which means the words you choose to think directly affect how you feel. This includes the words you hear from people around you, in movies, tv shows, the news, even music you listen to. The words you read are also a source for what you are thinking. What you say comes right back inside of you too!  So choose to say, hear, read and think positive words. Which person do you want to be and to be around?  The positive uplifting one or the negative downer.  Make that choice and support yourself by choosing the words in your life carefully.

Living according you your Values guides and supports your happiness.  

Take time with this list below to reflect on what is important to you.  What values fuel your sense of purpose, of well being and fulfillment?  Who do you want to be in the world as you consider your life and your legacy? Highlight the words on this list that speak to you, and then choose 10-15 to be your guiding values.  Keep this list in a folder or journal that is for your Happiness Skills Building!

The best is yet to be!

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