Families of addicts are in a unique situation.  They are struggling to manage the unmanageable, namely the well being of their addicted family member. The impact on each person is unique, yet has the common thread of heartache, confusion, pain and stress.  The people I work with are often at wits end, not knowing how to create the boundaries that are necessary to regain focus and control of their own well being.

This is the place to begin individual recovery for a family member.  It takes focus and commitment to create relief,  peace and even happiness in their lives. Happiness Skills take on a whole new meaning for family members of addicts.  I work with parents, spouses, siblings and children of addicts in and out of recovery.  Living without joy, focusing on what’s wrong rather than what’s right, takes a toll on physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Coaching provides a safe place and partnership to restore clarity and manageability to life. This process requires a commitment to self, and a life well lived.  The rewards are deep and lasting when you commit to practicing Happiness Skills and tools. Recovery comes from learning new ways of thinking about what you want and how to get there. Whether your loved one is in recovery or not, reach out for help, guidance and support for yourself.

Contact Jane to learn more. jane@happiness-is-a-skill.com 303-598-2089

Recovery Coaching Testimonial

When I first started working with Jane, I was in complete despair. I couldn't imagine living a day, or even an hour, without thinking about how to 'fix' my son. I was consumed by thoughts of his recovery, the lies and insanity of never really knowing the truth. Fast forward two years, and I can say life is very different now. I practice healthy boundaries with him as a habit. I love me more, and live with peace and even serenity. I learned many things during our coaching. I think the most important thing is that I can only control, and create a great life, for me.

Jennifer, Age 51

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