Join the Say Yes to Happiness Group page and live your way to more happiness!

Would you like to feel happier?

Are there too many difficult moments in your day, struggles to get going or challenges to staying in your “sweet spot.” If you answered yes to any of these, the Say Yes to Happiness Handbook Group is for you! Group participation is ​even more valuable ​when you get the Say Yes to Happiness, a Handbook for Life as your guiding tool for this process.​

As you go through the book you can check in with the group often to read what others are experiencing and to post, sharing your stories and asking for support if that feels good to you.

Together we are more powerful in seeing what may​ be​ ​hard​​ to see when we are isolated. Answers become clearer, hope more tangible, and the joy of connection fuels our fire of happiness.

Jane will respond to posts and answer questions too. As the author and coach of Say Yes to Happiness skills and practices, she is great support to have only a post away!